Story from ISO: Emerald Fruit Barn

Emerald Fruit Barn is an award winning retail and wholesale business, offering their valued customers quality market fresh fruit and vegetables, and so much more.

Tell us about your business.

We’re Aldo and Rosanne, a husband and wife team who own and run Emerald Fruit Barn. We support local, Aussie farmers first. We stock fresh Irrewarra sourdough bread and AG bake house bread which are delivered daily; Local St David Dairy & Sungold milks, yoghurts, butters. We also have a range of continental groceries, pasta and sauces, local flowers, freshly churned peanut butter, dips, cheeses, nuts, jams, biscuits, chocolates, relishes and pickles from local producers… and so much more!

How long have you been in business?

35 years in total. 12 years in this location.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

As everyone is home and becoming more focused on incorporating extra fruit and veggies in their diets for better health, we have had stronger than usual demand for our fresh produce. 

What was the most difficult thing you have had to do?

Hmmm, It’s difficult to decide on one particular situation. However, to choose something, it would be raising our 2 gorgeous kids while running a business. 

How are your team?

Our team are so amazing, hard working, creative, reliable, there’s not enough room here to tell you how awesome they are. We are lucky to have them. 

How has your community supported you?

We have had an amazing amount of support from our local community. We have absolutely wonderful customers. Also, we are so happy that there are those who have discovered us and are so amazed by the freshness, quality and value for money we offer compared to where they previously shopped. 

What would you do differently?

Lots ha ha! While we do have regrets, we try not to dwell on them. We can’t change the past; so we reflect, learn and move on. 

One thing you have learnt during COVID-19.

How well we, as a community, have adapted to this challenging situation we are all in. 

What does the future look like?

The future is positive. We are happy and healthy. And the way that the community has come together at this time has given us a lot of hope that people will continue to buy locally and support small Australian businesses. 

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